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Owner, Eric Ertzner speaks about Coastal CPC's establishment:






















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Coastal Consultants, P.C., specializing in:

  Utility design and conflict resolution for natural gas relocation projects, Land Boundary & Lot Surveys, Construction Surveys & Stake Outs, Utility Surveys, and Mortgage Surveys.

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Coastal Consultants was formed in 2003 to provide, or assist in providing, compulsory utility design engineering plans, cost estimates, and contractor coordination follow-throughs to avoid conflicts with VDOT / FHWA highway construction, as well as town, county, and other municipal transportation projects across the Commonwealth of Virginia.  


 Whether you are short-staffed; looking for a potential cost-effective alternative to deal with your Outside Plant Utility Engineering and Easement needs; require certain professional surveys or an experienced Survey/Right-of-Way team to compliment your in-house endeavors; or simply lack the present experience or familiarity to fully comply with State and Federal policies, regulations, and procedures for utility occupancies on highway Right-of-Way...Coastal Consultants P.C. can help you steer your projects home!

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